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QT, also known as QuikTrip, is a Tulsa-based chain of convenience stores. It is mainly located in the South, Midwest and Southeastern United States. Quik Trip offers gas, food and coffee as well as a variety of household goods.

Qt Near Me Now

Do you want to find a Quick Trip location near you? Browse qt gas station near me below to find Quiktrip locations within proximity of your current location. Want to know more about Quiktrip? Continue reading for more information about Quiktrip, including trivia and historical facts.

Small QuikTrip History

Many chains began as one store with the hope of growing. Quiktrip is one example. In 1958, the first Quiktrip store opened in Tulsa near a strip mall. Although the store sold very few groceries, it was able to sell them at high prices. This was in exchange for convenience.

It did well and made its first formal entry into the gasoline business in 1971. As states legalized self-service stations, QuikTrip started to sell gasoline.

QuikTrip’s co-founder decided in the 1970s to remove all slow-moving merchandise from its stock. Cans of vegetables and canned goods were removed, and other items like cigarettes, soda, coffee and cigarettes were given greater prominence and more shelf space. QuikTrip also offered its line of branded goods that it sold from the 1970s through the 1980s. QT Beer was included in this line.

Qt Gas Station Near Me

QuikTrip’s original QT stood for “quittin” time. In ad campaigns, QuikTrip used the slogan “It’s Quitin’ Time Again.” QuikTrip quickly expanded into Atlanta and St. Louis in the 1980s.

The brand started to renovate its stores. They replaced the dark, earthy exteriors with brighter, more cheerful interiors. Red was the chosen colour. QuikTrip began offering fast food and fountain drinks in the 1990s.

They also had a self-serve soda fountain and a self-serve coffee bar. Consider how QuikTrip set the bar for convenience stores across the US with their self-serve coffee and soda fountains.

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