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Convenient Map That Is Showing Gas Station With Air Pump Near Me

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Free Air For Tires Gas Station Near Me

You’ve all been there; your tire pressure is low. Under-inflating your tires can cause serious injury and reduce the tire’s lifespan. What are your chances of running out of change? Or, do you trust your credit card at any ATM or other location these days?

There are gas stations and businesses that will allow you to fill your tires with air for no cost. Today, I’ll show you where to find free gas pumps, how to fix tire leaks quickly, and my experiences with those who have.

Tire Air Pump Gas Station Near Me

The map below will show you the closest options for finding “gas station with free air near me” or “gas station with tire pump near me.” Some places, such as tire shops, do not have self-service air pumps. You may have to wait. To fine-tune your results, use the controls. The infographic below contains a list of businesses that offer free air.

Check Out These Places That Offer Free Tire Air Pumps

Seven big-name stores will give you a free inflator if you’re looking for an air pump. These are a mixture of gas stations and tire shops. Shell, Sunoco, and Hess used to offer free air but now charge for it. These stations will be listed in alphabetical order according to their popularity and national footprint. Click on the store finder for each location.

Get Discounted Tires

There are 1035 locations across 38 states for this tire shop chain. They will inspect your tires and give you a free fill. The service station will display a sign that says “Free Air Check” This is not a self-service air station. Wait in line and get in the lane. The technician will check your tire pressure and fill them to the correct level. There can sometimes be a long line. If you can pick when you want to go, it is best to avoid weekends. Discount Tire.


There are 805 locations of this gas station in 9 states. You can get free gas if you are located in Arizona, Georgia, or Iowa. The free air pumps are self-operating, so pull up and pump. There are several pumps at different stations. Every station has a bell and a tire pressure monitor to inform you when your tire is at the correct PSI. QuikTrip gas station.


It is a convenience and gas station with 800 locations across eight states. They will give you free air if your area is in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. All 800 locations offer free air. You can find it towards the side of the building. There you can also check your pressure-free. Find Wawa.


There are 580 locations across six states for this convenience store chain. You can fill up your tires free of charge if you are located in Pennsylvania, West Virginia or Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. Sheetz used to be a convenience store, but almost all of them sell gas. Sheetz units are located to the side of the gas station, and in some cases, there are multiple pumps. Find a Sheetz.

Royal Farms

This small chain of gas stations has 205 locations in 3 states. They will fill your tires for free if you are located in Virginia, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey. You will find the air pumps to the sides of buildings, and they also have a free n pressure gauge. Royal Farms gas station.


This small chain of gas stations has 200 locations across four states. You can inflate your tires free of charge if you reside in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. My experience is that Gate usually has one pump. It’s free, and it’s a traditional pump that sounds when the tire reaches the required pressure. Gate gas station.


This small station has 72 locations. It is only available in Pennsylvania. All 72 areas offer free tire inflation. Rutter’s gas station.

When possible, you should take advantage of any free services that are offered to your vehicle. To ensure that the machine and air are working properly, you should always call the business before leaving.
You can find small establishments with free air near you by visiting Enter your ZIP code and enable your location.

Are there any major chains that offer free air for tires? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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