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Bjs Gas Price – Just As Good Than Any Gas Station?

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Gas prices have surpassed a level they haven’t seen in years. You can expect to pay $4 per gallon as of this writing. This is especially true for commuters who constantly use gasoline to get around. It’s understandable why you would want to save money wherever possible. How about BJ’s gas price?

The commodity market has been in complete chaos. Partly this is due to the ongoing supply chain problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also have the most severe conflict in Europe since the Second World War. This is due to Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

BJ’s Gas Price

BJ’s Gas prices (and everything else that is oil and gas-related) have soared to the sky. It is likely to get worse very soon.

These woes make it more critical than ever for regular consumers to look after themselves and find the best deals available to keep them going. The cost of gas has always been a significant concern. If you are looking for low-cost, good-quality gas, is it better to go to a supermarket than to a gas station? Is BJ’s gas so cheap?

How Do Wholesales Chains Offer Cheap Gas Near Me?

One of the starkest topics of discussion about BJ’s gas is the difference between wholesale-slash-warehouse-slash-supermarket chains and traditional gas stations. It’s been known for a while that large retail franchises can provide cheaper gas than conventional gas stations. We compare “retail franchises” to Costco, Sam’s Club and Costco.

Wholesales Chains Offer Cheap Gas Near Me

Comparing side-by-side, we often find that these outlets offer gas at an approximately 20% discount compared with gas stations. When we refer to “gas stations,” it is compared with the likes of Exxon, Chevron Sunoco and Texaco.

We can see that retail outlets are often cheaper than gas stations, sometimes by as much as $1 per gallon.

Why Bj’s Gas Prices Are Cheaper Than Most Gas Stations?

Here’s a quick summary of how big-box retailers could charge less per gallon than traditional gas stations (similar to BJ’s gas prices).

  • Membership – Here’s what you need to know about BJ’s low gas prices. This includes all the large retail chains that I mentioned earlier. You must first sign up for their membership program to get access to their low gas prices. (More details later). The annual fees that you pay to BJ’s will more than offset the reduced gas prices. They still make money, in other words.

  • Foot Traffic – As mentioned earlier, BJ’s gas pumps are always found near or around retail outlets. BJ’s is a convenient location that encourages customers to stop by BJ’s gas pumps when they’re in need of fuel. Whether you are shopping for groceries or other items, more people will be there to help you. Each item in your shopping basket subsidizes BJ’s low-cost gasoline.

  • Other Products – Wholesale chains such as BJ’s often subsidize the price of one product in exchange for a premium. This is how BJ’s can sometimes offer large discounts on a variety of goods without losing any money. You’ll get $1 off a box Valentine’s Day chocolates if you pay $1 more for another item. The same applies to their gasoline.

  • Win–Win – Big chains like BJ’s try to make their outlets one-stop shops for customers. BJ’s has a lot more than a supermarket. They offer a wide variety of products. You can also find electronic gadgets, furniture and pet supplies at BJ’s. They also have a gas station. You win because you get cheaper prices and more convenience. BJ also wins because they make new sales.

Any Chance To Get You More Discounts On Bj’s Gas Prices?

You heard us correctly earlier. BJ’s gasoline prices could be as low as 2C/ gallon. You’d find it difficult to get gasoline this cheap in the real world. If you work hard and use the BJ’s coupons and promo codes correctly, it is possible. How is that possible? BJ’s has gas coupons combined with other coupons or promos.

The BJ’s Fuel Saver Program is their most prominent (as of March 2022). Members can get a 10% discount on gasoline when they purchase select goods online or in-store. This discount is also applicable to each product. If you buy five of these chosen goods, you will get a 50C/ gas discount, so if you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of this offer. These goods can be combined with cash to get a discount of 50C/ per month.

BJ's Fuel Saver Program

These “select items” are household products that you will likely fill your shopping cart with. You can find laundry detergent, cereals, cheeses, energy drinks, cookies, and other random items. Take one and get 10C/ gallon off. This is another excellent way for you to reduce your BJ’s gas costs. To get even better deals, it’s even more beneficial if you are already a frequent shopper at BJ.

You can stack your savings on eligible items, and you must cash them in by the end of the calendar month. If you buy a pack of Oreos on March 10, you must cash it on March 31. These are just a few of the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when using BJ’s Fuel Saver Program.

  • Every month, the list of eligible items that could result in a 10C/gallon savings changes. This list of eligible goods is available on their website. It’s valid from mid-February to mid-March. It will soon be reorganized into a selection of other goods.

  • The 10C/ savings could only be applied to your next fill-up (within the same month) and not previous fill-ups.

  • Any remaining discounts at the end of a calendar month will be lost and not roll over to the next month.

  • You can’t get any discounts if you’re already pumping gas at 2C/per gallon at BJ’s unless you’re already. This means that 2C/gallon is the lowest price you can get.

  • The maximum redemption amount is 30 gallons at the local BJ’s station. Once the 30-gallon limit has been reached, any discounts you have accrued will be reset to 0. Any remaining values will be lost.

  • You will need to swipe your membership card (as a payment card) at each pump/dispenser to redeem these discounts.

  • The 10C/gallon Discount is only available if you buy “selected goods” in-store.

  • This Fuel Savers discount can be combined with other fuel coupons or offers. This includes any earnings you earn through Perk Rewards.

  • The 10C/ gallon savings apply to all fuel types available at your local BJ’s station. This applies to regular and premium gas and diesel.

  • BJ’s may suspect you of abusing the Fuel Savers Program if you attempt to return “selected goods” after cashed in your gas discount and cashed in the gas coupon. You should cancel your membership.

How Much Is Bj’s Gas?

But how much do BJ’s gas prices cost? Gas prices are constantly changing regardless of where they are pumped into. It could be a popular retail chain such as BJ’s or other gas stations. I

t’s difficult to determine the exact price, especially as you read this. However, we have already stated that BJ’s offers gas at a lower price than other stations.

Bjs Gas Prices

This includes the annual membership fees and the Fuel Savers discounts we have previously set. This metric assumes gas prices are set at $3.49 a gallon.

However, it can cancel out if the price rises (or falls) at other gas stations or pumps. It would help if you also considered that we had not assumed any fuel coupons or discounts.

BJ’s Gas Price For A Weekly Fill-Up(Example)
Inner Circle Membership (Weekly)$1,773.0096 (Or $2,085.0096 Without Fuel Savers)Inner Circle Membership (Weekly)$1.0577 ($55 ÷ 52 Weeks)
5x Fuel Savers Items Per Week (Deduct Discount)-50¢ Per Gallon (5 Items x 10¢)
Fuel Tank Capacity (Assumed Full Fill-Up)12 Gallons
Weekly Fill-Up1 Fill-Up
Total Weekly Fuel Savers Discounts-$6.0000 (Weekly Total; 12 Gallons x 50¢ = 600¢)
Price Per Gallon At BJ’s (Assumed To Be Fixed)$3.49 Per Gallon (Gasoline)
Weekly Fill-Up Cost At BJ’s$41.8800 (Weekly Total; 12 Gallons x $3.49)
Final Weekly Cost (With Fuel Savers And Membership)$36.9377 (Week Total; $41.88 + $1.0577 – $6)
Monthly Cost (Weekly Cost x 4 Weeks, With Discounts)$147.7508 (Or $171.7508 Without Fuel Savers)
Yearly Cost (Weekly Cost x 52 Weeks, With Discounts)$1,773.0096 (Or $2,085.0096 Without Fuel Savers)

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Here is a quick list of discounts you might get at significant gas station chains

  • BP – 5C/ per gallon (with their BPme Rewards Program, as long you spend over $100 per month).
  • Chevron 7C per gallon (with a Visa Techron Advantage card and additional discounts of 10C/ to 20C/ per gallon)
  • Exxon/Mobil 3C/ to $6C/ per gallon (through points earned in-store, or an automatic 6C/per gallon discount if Exxon Mobil Smart Card credit cards are used)
  • Shell – 5C/ to 10C/ to 20C/ per gallon (through points from in-store purchases and capped at 20gallons per redemption when you have Shell’s Fuel Rewards credit cards)
  • Marathon – 5C/ per gallon (with Make It Count Rewards program, no minimum purchase necessary)
  • 76 – 10C/ per gallon (with its rewards credit card, but you can also get an additional 15C/ discount on the first 30 gallons if you use the My 76 app).

Bjs Hours Gas

BJ’s gas pumps are also open during the day. BJ’s stations close much earlier than traditional gas stations, which might open later in the evening or even 24 hours a day.

Monday 6.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Tuesday6.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Wednesday6.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Thursday6.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday6.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday6.30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday6.30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Bjs Hours Gas

BJ’s gas stations are open Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Due to maintenance, they are closed Sundays, but they will be open from 6:30 AM until 7:00 PM.

How To Use Bj’s Gas Points

It’s easy, walk up to a gas station-slash-dispenser and swipe your card to redeem gas points you have earned. Remember to cash in Fuel Saver points in the same month they expire. The points will be redeemed in-store at your next fill-up if you do not.

Bj’s Gas Station Near Me

You can find a lot of apps for mobile that will allow you to view all gas stations in your area, such as BJ’s.

Some apps also show prices at each station to make an easy comparison, and you can see that the prices at each station are different. GasBuddy and Gas Guru are some of the most-used apps.