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93 Octane Gas Near Me Really Worth It?

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93 Octane Gas Near Me

Although premium and top-tier gas sound great, what is the best fuel for your car and your wallet?

These fuels may be better for your car in some instances, but they have different benefits. Premium gas is another type of fuel than regular.

Premium gas is for high-performance vehicles, and it can be as much as 50c per gallon more expensive. Top Tier gas, however, contains more engine-cleaning additives than non-Top Tier gasoline. AAA estimates that it costs 3 cents per gallon more.

Premium Octane Gas: requirements & recommendation

According to Michael Calkins (manager of technical services at AAA), premium gas is a simple decision. Premium can be used when it is required or recommended.


Premium gas must be used if your car’s owner’s guide (or inside the gas door) states that premium is required. That will prevent your engine from being damaged.


If your owner’s manual or the inside of your gas door recommends premium, you can still use a lower-grade fuel.

According to AAA’s, premium gasoline may slightly increase performance for cars that recommend it. However, you won’t notice any difference in performance unless your stopwatch is on and you run the quarter-mile.

Top Tier gas really worth it?

Top Tier gas is well worth the slightly higher price, even though major oil companies now sell it. AAA recommends Top Tier gas for all fuel grades. It prevents carbon buildup. This buildup can cause fuel economy to drop and lead to rough idling or acceleration hesitation.

Top Tier gas really worth it

Oil companies can create their blends by adding detergents and other additives to the gasoline they receive from the refineries. Top Tier gas has a more efficient additive package than the minimum requirements for additives.

Top Tier gasoline was introduced in 2004 to meet these minimum standards and protect more sophisticated engines from carbon buildup.

Switching to Top Tier gas is a good option if you have carbon buildup from non-Top Tier fuel. This map shows where you can find Top Tier 93 octane gas near me:

An octane rating is a measurement of how compressed gasoline can be before it ignites. It is a measurement of the gas’ resistance to engine knocking, which is the sound that happens when the gas ignites too early.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, premium gas usually has an octane rating between 92 and 93, mid-grade gas has a rating at 89, and regular gas has one rating at 87.

Top Tier 93 octane gas near me

Your engine’s design will determine the octane rating for gas that your car uses best. Premium gas is best for high-performance vehicles, as they have higher compression ratios.

Other vehicles can run fine with lower octane gas. However, higher octane gasoline is not better for your car.

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